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Trekrok WIZARD 974M 2X, BRONZE, (6 pcs/pack), SIZE 10

Trekrok WIZARD 974M 2X, BRONZE, (6 pcs/pack), SIZE 10

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Wizard Grizzly 974M 2x Strength Bronze Triple Hook


The Energo Team Wizard series excels in solutions specially made to the needs of predatory anglers, with an extremely wide range of products.

Part of this series is the triple hook, which is also perfectly suitable for general predatory fishing and spinning. High-quality and durable triple hook, with a size scale that meets all needs. The smaller sizes are perfectly ideal for replacing the hooks of smaller wobblers, the quality of which factory hooks falls short of the expected quality requirements.

The larger sizes can be a reliable element of live fish baits and catfish rigs, in addition to medium and large wobblers and lures.

It is important to use high-quality hooks, thus avoiding the unpleasant risk of losing fish. The hook has wide bays, a straight point, excellent point formation, and a barb, so it easily penetrates the bony parts of the fish and cannot be unhooked.

The hook is bronze. It is also an ideal choice for pike, zander, and catfish fishing, whether it is a spinning rod or a floating or ledgering rod. Tip for baiting with live fish:

After hooking the small fish, put a piece of valve rubber on the hook, which prevents the small fish from flying off when casting and when reaching the surface of the water. Tip for spinning: To change the hooks, it is recommended to use pliers designed for opening key rings.

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