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Carp Expert Telescopic rod 80-120 g 3,3m Duopack 

Anglers tend to forget telescopic fishing rods more and more. However, those who value both practicality and usability will pay attention to the CXP UNI TELE rod.

Another novelty and again from Energofish, this rod designed for our fellow anglers who, in addition to good transportability, do not want to give up quality design and quality materials.

 Its IM6, excellent Carbon material flies our final rig to the selected place with perfect accuracy during casting. After the bite, it adapts with sufficient flexibility to the load caused by the pumping activities. In this way, we can be almost certain that we will avoid losing fish due to the inflexibility of the rod.

Compared to the average telescopic rods, its design, consisting of many more members, gives the rod an exceptional spine, but at the same time a soft tip. With the exception of the handle member, guides are placed on all members, so our line completely takes up the curve of the rod during casting and pumping.

The shorter sizes are suitable for floating in tight terrains or spinning. And with the longer versions, we can fishing on the bottom for longer distances, even over 80 meters, or we can wait for the carp arriving on the push-up float in front of the reeds.

The high-quality SIC insert guides does not damage our line during casting and pumping, so we can avoid the resulting loss of fish. A real specialty is the covered SIC guide on the tip, which surrounds the guide and protects the line from damage at any angle.

Its reel holder gives the rod a really sophisticated look, which, in combination with the split cork/duplon handle, also aesthetically pleasure for the user.

 So let's trust the telescopic rods and we can distinguish the average from the excellent, in our case the Carp Expert Uni Tele!

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