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Carp Expert Pro Power Feeder 3,9m 100-150g rod Duopack 

The rod family appeared in CXP's offer, which competes with the capital carp and amur of today's large fish fishing ponds, but is also an option that is excellent for river water.

The Pro Power Feeder is a strong enough, spine fishing rod, which owes its blank to IM10 carbon. It has particularly good casting properties because of the above. Why is a backbone fishing rod good for casting? Because the tip and the middle part of the rod can launch our final tackle with incredible force. We can "show" the direction where we want to throw by the rod.

Result: Determined and accurate casts, even in harsh weather conditions. This series of rods was also tested in winds over 40 km/h, during which a higher percentage of casts were successful with it than with control fishing rods of similar casting power. The secret lies in momentum! A softer rod bends more when cast, which results in a loss of power arm and acceleration.

With the Carp Expert PRO Power Feeder, we can achieve more dynamic casts and to cast the same distance we do not have to exert as much force as with an average softer fishing rod. Its screw-on reel holder perfectly holds the matching 5-6000 long-casting reels. The end of the handle has a non-slip coating for comfortable casting. Its first guide fits the size of the recommended reel, its diameter is 30 mm. And the exterior of the rod is very attractive, thanks to the black and red style elements, there will be no complaints about that.

It is very important to emphasize that the fishing rod has a large guide, so its guide row consists of members with a larger than average diameter. The line comes out easily and also the lint does not cause us any problems or damage. When choosing a line, we consider 0.20-0.22 mm monofilament lines ideal, or with matching 0.18, 0.20 Teflon braided casting leads.


Let's take into account that the fishing rod has been developed for fish of larger than average size. It may be that catching crucians, breams and smaller carps will not provide outstanding pleasure, but in return, helping larger fish over 3-4 kilos and capital specimens ashore will make up for it. Regardless of experience, we recommend the series to everyone who was looking for a vertebrate feeder rod for catching big fish.

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