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Fiskespö NEO LONG CAST 3 SEC., 3,5 LBS, 3,60M

Fiskespö NEO LONG CAST 3 SEC., 3,5 LBS, 3,60M

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13.Carp Expert Long Cast Neo; Carp Expert Neo Long Cast 3.5 lbs boilie rod

The Carp Expert Neo Long Cast 3,5 lbs boilie rod is the newest member of the LC serie that means this is a 3,5 lbs fishing rod that optimized for long casting and achieve the biggest distances.

Nowadays in the Carp fishing the distance is one of the most important factor of the success.The spod rods made especially for the feeding the fishing area at long distance but the felxibility of these rods aren't suitable to the fish pumping and the result of this property can be lost fish.The Neo Long Cast rods can be the perfect solutions for this problem.The Long Casting is not so easy but with this rods and some experience you can achieve even 120-150 m distances.Next to the casting techniques the equipments are key elements too in the fishing in at far areas.The Carp Expert Neo Long Cast serial is a really vertebrate type thanks to the IM10 carbon material that means this type of rods are perfect ones for this fishing method.The result of the 3.5 lbs carbon blank we can easily throw fishing tackles until 100-110 gramm thats enought to achieve the 100 m distances.

Distance between the reel holder and the end of the rod handle is 60 cm which distance can provide proper grip to the stenghtful throws.The first guide after the reel has 50 mm diameter with SIC deposit because of the smallest line friction that means extra meters during casting.To the neccessary distance achieve we have to choose an appropirate size reel with big reel.

The recommonded size of fishing line in case of long casting methods is 0.25 mm but if the area is clear we can use more thin.Braided leader or the popular shock leader is recommonded for the strong castings.Speciality of this rod family is the non-slip handle that means stronger and longer castings thanks to the more stable gripping.

Perfect choice for beginners because of the favorable value for money but experienced anglers can really take advantage of the real potential of the rod.

You can choose from 2 or 3 part versions.

The 2 part type is a little bit more vertebrate what propetry is one of the most important in case of a long casting boilie rod.The 3 part type is more comfortable during transporting because that need smaller space.

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