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Fiskespö MAX1 3,90 3 SECT 3,5LBS

Fiskespö MAX1 3,90 3 SECT 3,5LBS

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Carp Expert Max1 Carp Rod

The expectations of today's anglers and the maximum utilization of the equipment require durable tackles, which are suitable to specific situations. Fulfilling this, a great series of fishing rods has been designed within the Carp Expert brand, which, typical of CXP, offers outstanding quality at an affordable price. This rod family is called MAX.

The rods of the MAX 1 series are made of IM10 carbon. You can find both 3.6 m and 3.9 m sizes in the series. Both sizes are available in 2- and 3- section versions.

The rods all have a casting weight of 3.5 lbs and, of course, are equipped with a long, split handle, which is essential for long casts. Of course, they have 50 size guides with three-point-support to maximize casting distance!

What’s more, the Max1 series includes a rod specifically optimized for boat fishing and retrieving, which is the 3-meter version with 2.5 lbs casting weight.

Their appearance is characterised by a simple black blank with white inscriptions and golden banding at the guides, giving the series a really imposing, yet restrained look!

The reel seat is a well-proven bottom thread version.

Of course, it is advisable to choose a long-cast reel with a large and shallow spool, and in order to achieve the maximum casting distance you need a line around size 0.25 mm with conically thickening hooklink.

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