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Carp Expert Black Shadow SPOD rod


Under the brand name Carp Expert, you can find all the equipment for almost all types of carp fishing, which are the conditions and requirements for catching carp, naturally in the most modern guise.


The Black Shadow series was created based on the cohesion of cleanliness and modern style features, following a completely minimalist, black design, which will be one of the most popular sets of modern anglers today.


The stackable, 3-part versions of the series can almost be said to provide a sufficient and appropriate alternative for any carp angler, in addition to their favorable transport parameters, due to their design, they are variants suitable for fishing even the largest carp.


Of course, we can't deliver feed materials and grain feed over long distances by hand or with a slingshot, but even the distance of the boilie delivered with a throwing stick has its limits. Feeding with a fishing rod was invented to overcome these distances! The strength of the Black Shadow SPOD is 5 lbs, so even the largest Spomb can be easily loaded and then deployed with it.


The blank with a completely black base was created using IM10 carbon, which enables the use of the largest weights and adequately serves the needs of long casts.


For its massive reel holder, we recommend the use of long-casting and big-fish reels over size 50. In addition to the reel holder, the handle is made in a beautiful slender design that gives a perfect grip, with a non-slip coating, giving maximum comfort even for the biggest casts.


The guide row has a reinforced double foot design, plus the power reserves and load capacity, the very first 50 mm diameter guide is located on the second member of the rod so the line can roll off the spool without resistance for a long time.


In addition to the minimalist design, a carbon hook keeper modernizes the Shadow Carp models.


The Black Shadow Carp is a really compact part of the CXP range, so it is a professional choice for anglers with extremely good transport dimensions, who still favor fishing for larger fish.

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