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Fiskespö UNIVERSAL BOLO 500 20-50G

Fiskespö UNIVERSAL BOLO 500 20-50G

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Benzár Universal Bolo Rod

Bolognese rod floating technique is one, if not the most exciting fishing method that requires very active, continuous concentration and control.This technique is one of Zsolt Benzár's great favorites, for which he has been developing lures, baits, accessories and fishing rods for several years now.

Universal Bolo, as its name implies, is a real all-purpose rod, that can be used to drive even large wild water mullets, carps and sneeps into the net!Its thin but vertebrate blank makes it possible for you to fish very strong drifting rivers with a particularly large float.

The precisely positioned, lightweight, SIC-inserted guides give the rod a very nice, flawless action under heavy load.Interestingly, each member of the Universal Bolo has a slip guide, that makes the curve of the rod under pressure even more aesthetic.

7 The reel holder of the Universal Bolo is made with a massive, frog-locked solution, in which the reels in appropriate sizes fit without any problems and can be placed very stably.

Currently, the rod is available in 5 and 6 meter versions, but the 7 meter version will arrive soon, in a few months, with which we can float successfully on the Danube.

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