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Fiskespö ALLROUND BOLO 5-20G, 5,00M

Fiskespö ALLROUND BOLO 5-20G, 5,00M

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Benzar Allround Bolo – Light, slim, rigid, and quick! These are the main characteristics of the Benzar Allround Bolognese rods. They offer the best quality from our 2019 Bolognese rods. They are made from pure IM10 Carbon, which subdues the strikes of fish during fish playing. Its rigid material enables punctual rods. This is particularly important in competitions, but it can make fishing more successful during everyday sessions too. We can save time with precise casting, which is shown by the number of fish caught. Its weight balance is also favorable. You won’t get tired during long sessions. On the tip of the rods, there are 2 sliding guides and on the second section there is 1. The guides are fixed to a Carbon material similar to the blank material so that they can’t get stuck to the section. The guides don’t affect the curve of the rod. Sophisticated guiding and a quality SIC pad make this rod more valuable. Zsolt Benzár, who is a professional angler, very often uses these types of rod, so he really knows what makes a good Bolognese rod. The lightened plate reel seat holds perfectly. Recommended 0,10 mm-0,14 mm. The distance of the reel seat from the end of the handle is 45 cm. Both those who have tried Bolognese fishing and those who haven’t should try the Benzár Allround Bolognese rod! It’s won’t let you down when it comes to quality and manageability! Rigid material is an absolute must for long pole rods and Bolognese rods. With the appearance of IM10 carbon, new comfortable rods were born that are easy to handle. Therefore, you can react quickly to sudden bites.

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