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Fiskerulle SUPER CAT 8000

Fiskerulle SUPER CAT 8000

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Kamasaki Super Cat 8000 Catfish Reel

The Kamasaki brand offers value-for-money products.

This durable, robust front brake catfish reel is also part of this series.

The Kamasaki Super Cat 8000 offers an affordable solution for advanced catfish anglers and for even those who are just getting familiar with fishing for catfish.

A nice-looking, extremely powerful graphite body and powerful accessories characterize the latest member of the Super Cat series, which can be the perfect match even for the rods of the series.

The gear ratio of the reel is 4,1:1, which is optimal when fishing with heavier weights for bigger fish. The shaft is made of 6 mm thick steel. The guarantee of a stable and sufficient effort is the durable wooden knob.

This reel has a practical foldable handle, which can be folded in and out in 1 moment at the touch of a button, which is a really advantageous element during transportation. Its large and strong aluminium spool can be used with braided and with thicker monofilament lines as well.

The product is a good choice for catfish anglers for retrieving, clonking or even for bottom fishing near the shore.

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