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Wizard Live Bait Rig for predatory fish with tyrolean wood

Following the success of our rapid, pre-made rigs, we have created an excellent alternative for those who like predatory methods, which expands the Wizard assortment.

This Live Bait Rig rig is a completely ready-to-fish rapid Tyrolean - sinking live fish tackle, which offers an excellent alternative for beginners or anglers who want to learn the predatory methods, but is also a super accessory for prompt fishings, due to its extraordinary time-saving possibilities.

The tyrolean wood is a specially designed weight that will float in the water thanks to its lightening. The type most often used successfully in connection with zander fishing.

Due to the part above the weighting, the product does not lie down after reaching the bottom, but on the contrary, rises up, thus we can perfectly offer our bait to predatory fish in the upper water layers.

Its shape is elongated, so it has excellent throwing parameters.

In addition to the tyrolean wood, the Live Bait Rig also contains 2 T-Spacers (thanks to this, the small fish will be perfectly free to move) and 2 high-quality sinking hooks, which are tied to a 0.30 mm Fluorocarbon line, at the end of which there is a swivel with a carabiner.


Its installation is extremely simple, you only need to tie the clip at the end of the rig to the main line, then attach 2 pieces of fish to the hooks. That is all.

It is also a perfect alternative for eel angling and other live baits such as leech and Canadian worms!

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