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Carp Expert Micro Ghost competition landing net head


One of the most important points of fishing is the landing of the fish on the hook. If we don't have a landing net head of the right size, depth, and mass, the fish of our life can bid us farewell.


The good news for anglers is that Carp Expert has it!


The Micro Ghost landing net head has the right dimensions to help land bream or smaller carp of almost any size. Its width of 40 cm and length of 50 cm, as well as its depth of 25 cm, make it possible to help fish up to 3-4 kilos to ashore, but the ideal size is somewhere between 1-2 kilos if we want our fishing to be safe and our favourite landing net doesn't get damaged either.


Its hole width is 6 mm, which protects us from many tangles, as the old, traditional landing nets usually had a much larger hole width and the feeding baskets or leads often ran through them and wound back, causing unsolvable tangles and fatal damage to our lines.


If the smaller leads of our floating rig do get through them, we can easily pull them back due to the line material, as they are less likely to get tangled.


But the biggest advantage is that our hook does not get stuck!!! The most striking feature of our landing net is the two floating tubes made of hard, water-repellent sponge, which were pulled onto the two stems during production.


This is good for us, because we can landing the fish near the shore more easily when we are pumping, if we don't have to keep our landing net on the surface of the water with our left hand constantly, exerting force, but with the help of the sponge, exerting minimal force, we can hold it.


It has a universal thread that can be precisely connected to almost any threaded immersion handle.


After use, wash it carefully, dry it and store it in a place protected from sunlight, so its lifespan can be close to 5-6 years in caring hands, even longer.


An excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable and very light landing net head, its curved front part allows easy immersion.


We also specially recommend it for competitors!

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