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iBite UB Light tip indicator LED Green Duopack 

iBite, the brand itself, also sounds interesting, suggesting a kind of technical innovation in itself. This is true for all products within the series. All of the products under the iBite brand are based on the latest innovations and developments, based on which, make the everyday life of anglers and their time at the water's shore more interesting.

This series not only offers a practical solution for those who like feeders but also offers a generally usable and perfect solution for lighting the end of the rods during night fishing.

UB Light is built according to a LED battery system. Due to the design of the product, you only have to snap the part with the plastic patent lock onto the tip, then turn the battery to the correct position at the end, place the LED light source in it, and the night fishing is ready to go. When fishing is over, you just have to remove the battery from the LED and put it away separately, it will be used again the next time you go fishing.

It is suitable for even 1-2 hours of impromptu fishing trips.

The basic package also includes a 435 battery, which provides the product with at least 40 hours of life.

The LED, which provides excellent brightness, can greatly increase the success factor of fishing, the time of lost catches due to bad light conditions is over!


The product is also available in a Duopack, thus providing adequate night bite detection for 2 rods as well.

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