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The success of K1 lies in perfect proportions and meticulously planned trays. It can be used universally for any kind of fishing method. Thanks to its strong and durable material, it can resist heavy loads. The box consists of two main parts. The space under the cover is equipped with a catch lock. It is suitable for storing bigger accessories. The small boxes help you keep small accessories in an orderly way. The bottom part of the box is covered with a transparent wrap. Inside, you can find four pullout trays with fairly big compartments. On the top of the box there is a practical 40 cm scale. CONTENT - opening the top of the box, you can find a 43,8x22x7,8 cm space in which there are two 15,5x8x4,5 cm closable box. Both have been divided into three 4,5x5,7x3,8 cm parts by the manufacturer. - in the bottom part there are 2-2 trays; the two upper tray consist of eight 6,5x9,2x3,3 cm and two 6,5x18,5x3,3 cm compartments; the other two trays consist of one 39,5x9,2x3,3 cm and three 13,2x9,2x3,3 cm compartments TECHNICAL DATA Transport weight: 3390 gm Transport size: 46x26x32 cm

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