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Fishing Box Kid Tip.310 storage box

Universal tackle box for beginners and advanced anglers. It can be used to store essential accessories and accessories for daily fishing. The opening compartments in the roof are real small storage compartments: hook release, lead, buffer, etc., all fit under the watertight, transparent plastic lid.

Inside the crate, the first thing you'll find is a removable storage tray, with a spacious, well-packed space underneath where larger, more fragmented props can be conveniently stowed.

CONTENTS - Under the transparent plastic lid on the top of the box, there are 1 compartment 33x4x3,1 cm and 4 compartments 8x6x3,1 cm. - The box contains 2 removable trays divided into 32,5x5 cm sections. - Excluding the tray, there is a very well packable space of the same size as the box, 8 cm deep.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Shipping weight: 756 grams Transport size: 36x19x16 cm

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