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Carp Expert Bullet Feeder feeding basket 25x26 mm 
A basket with a non-standard shape, the bullet feeder, appeared in the CXP range. The baskets are especially great tools for distant, highly accurate feeder fishing.

The lead of the product is not located on the wall of the wiring, but at the end, in the form of a bullet, this helps the reaction like a rifle bullet during throwing. In the case of the basket, it is secured by a strong crimped cord, which enables several methods of hanging on the main line. The feed material will dissolve easily through the eyes of the basket, but there is no danger of it falling out in the air while throwing.
In muddy water areas, with a loosely filled basket, even fish feeding in the middle of the water can be reached by it. It is also perfect for chunky carp or sardines, but it can also be used with pellets. The cylindrical shape can be filled easily, it can be unrolled easily, and thanks to its shape, it is more difficult to jam.
The closed grid part is available in two sizes. In contrast to other baskets, you can enjoy the advantages of the shape even in a rising wind.


Regardless of experience, it is a recommended type for anyone, it is especially worth trying for competitions.

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