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Outdoor Proteus Headlamp

A light and practical headlamp is a basic need for night fishing. Each of the Outdoor lights has great functionality, which makes them a perfect accessory of fishing and of ??everyday life.

The Proteus headlamp is a real specialty among our USB-rechargeable lamps, as it is equipped with a motion sensor. It works in 6 different lighting modes that can also emit white, blue, and flashing red light.

This can be controlled with the upper right button.

The upper left button is responsible for turning the sensor on and off.

When switched on, the main light turns off automaticly and 1 blue LED indicates that the motion sensor is switched on. With a hand gesture in front of the lamp, the light turns on automatically and it can be turned off with the same movement.

This is extremely useful at night, even during playing the fish, plus it also provides a safety factor.


- Size: 60x40x35 mm

- 1200 mAh internal battery

- 120 Lumens

- White, blue and red LEDs with 6 modes

- Motion sensor

- Charging time: 2.5 hours

- It can be charged with a USB-microUSB cable, which is included in the package

- Headband with a tiltable adapter

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