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Not only competitors can use competition nets!



But of course we also recommend this fish keeper for them, because:


- It is angular, so it provides more space for the fish in it, even in shallower water.

Unlike the round version, the current does not push it out into the coastal shallows, it does not roll it away.

Easier and more practical to transport - The part between the two upper flanges is made of a material in which even small bream hooks do not get caught, so they do not cause annoyance during fishing, especially in competitions, where every second counts.


- It is made of densely woven material, which even small whitefish and small fish cannot step through.

Thanks to the dense weaving, they are much more durable than traditional fish keepers, several years ahead of them

their lifetime. - Metal (aluminum) frame made of tube, which is difficult to deform and easy to transport.


- It is made in long enough versions that we can put it in the water at a suitable length even on a steep bank or in shallow water. Also, if we were to catch a lot of fish, it would also fit comfortably in it. - Its thread is compatible with all bank sticks and adapters.

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