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Torpedo Tuning is an improved version of the highly successful Torpedo float used by the Hungarian team that won the World Championship in 2003, which became the successful float of the 2005 European Championship. 80% of the starting competitors fished with these floats, among others, individual European champion Will Raison also caught most of his fish with Torpedo Tuning. This float, developed for pole, is recommended for moderately or strongly restrained floating, with the installation of a Tuning tile, for strongly restrained and stopped rigs. The installed Tuning tile does not change the weighting of the float, only its operation, thanks to the increased surface, the body of the float is pushed deep under the water by the current. Torpedo Tuning provides unprecedented functionality and sensitivity in river fishing. During fishing, we sometimes find that using the long Tuning plate, the antenna can move up and down a few centimeters, this phenomenon is caused by the changing pressure of the water, which was not even detected by the floats used so far.

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