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Cralusso Rocket Method Flat Feeder

Our latest innovation is the longitudinal ribbed method feeder family, for the development of which we used the most modern 3D printing technology. The longitudinal ribs on the Sensitive method basket provide excellent retention of the groundbait, and adequate space for the bait, and reduce the possibility of being snagged up. The forward center of gravity and the stem provide excellent flight and long casts.

To fill it, we recommend our revolutionary Shell mold, with which we can fill our basket and empty our tool the fastest and easiest. Considering the needs of anglers, method baskets can be removed and replaced easily without disassembling the equipment, providing the freedom for transport or for varying method feeders of different weights.

The weights of the smaller (25-30-40 gram) feeder baskets are made of environmentally friendly zinc, which do not pollute our environment not even if your line breaks. 50% recycled material was used to the upper part of the feeder basket.

Tips for using the Rocket Method Flat Feeder

- You can easily and quickly change your feeder basket without disassembling the rig and your weight will not be burdened by the weight of the basket during transport.

- With the help of the new, revolutionary Shell mold it is extremely quick and easy to fill and empty the feeder.

- Within a filling, two types of hardness and faster dissolving can be achieved with the groundbait. A harder layer is formed on the top of the feeder. While at the sides of the feeder, due to the cut-out on the mold, a less solid part is formed, which dissolves more quickly.

- Using a navigator feeder line, you can change different distances in a matter of seconds, for which you can change the feeders quickly.

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