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Benzár Mix Pellet Feeder basket 

According to many, the soul of the method lies in the adequately prepared groundbaits. This is of course true, but it is also worth paying attention to the basket that forms part of the end tackle.

The new Benzár Pellet Feeder basket provides a perfect alternative even for near-shore or distant feeder fishing, thanks to its wide range of sizes.

The perfect solution for any method technique and popular bait, be it wafters, popups, or any sinking bait.

The essence of the product lies in its design, the soul of which is the semi-closed upper part, which perfectly holds the groundbait or micropellets loaded in the basket. Moreover, we also recommend this basket for use with glued maggots.

Pellet Feeder baskets can be used effectively in either deep or shallow water conditions since the breakdown of the groundbait can be controlled not only by wetting it but also by the strength of the pressure in the basket.

There are variants in the series that can be used without a filling tool, also providing a solution for situations where there are a lot of annoying small fish.


We especially recommend the series for competition conditions, but they won't disappoint you on the occasion of everyday fishing either.

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