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Benzar Arc Flat XL method feeder basket 

According to many, the soul of the method lies in the properly prepared ground bait material. They are right about this, but it is also worth paying attention to the basket that forms part of the end tackle.

The new Benzár Arc Flat XL method basket provides a perfect alternative even for nearshore or distant feeder fishing, thanks to its wide size range.

The perfect solution for any method technique and popular bait, be it wafters, popups, or any sinking bait.


The essence of the product lies in its design, the lower, larger part of which serves to offer the bait perfectly. The plastic structure, in the case of this basket, enables use with larger baits.

The XL type, compared to the older version with a normal surface, enables the introduction of significantly more ground bait, and thanks to its increased base area, it also sinks less in the mud. Since it is offered with an anti-tangle tube from the factory, we especially recommend this type to lovers of long-cast fishing.

Due to its Flat nature, it can be used with even 14 mm popups. It is also perfect for selection fishing. Filled with Method pellets, then offered with a larger bait on a spike, the expected bites will not be missed.


We especially recommend the series for competition conditions, but they will not disappoint you on the occasion of everyday pecs either.

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