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Benzár Arc Flat Method Feeder basket

The soul of the method is, according to many, in a properly prepared ground bait. They are right about this, but it is also worth paying attention to the basket that is part of the end tackle.

The new Benzár Arc Flat method basket is a perfect alternative to near-shore or long casting methods anglers, thanks to its wide size range.

The perfect solution for any type of bait used and popular with the method technique, be it wafters, pop-ups, or any sinking baits.

The essence of the product lies in its design, the lower, larger part of which serves to offer the bait perfectly. The plastic construction of this basket allows for use with larger baits.

Due to its flatness, it can be used with popups up to 14 mm. Also perfect for selective fishing. Filled with Method pellets and then offered with a larger bait on spikes will not miss the expected bites.


We also highly recommend the series for competitive conditions, but they will not disappoint on everyday occasions.

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