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Benzar Mix Carasio hook

If feeder fishing, then Benzar Mix! The brand has already offered a lot of equipment for anglers during feeder or float fishing, but from 2022 the offer will rise to a new level, of which the hooks manufactured by the Japanese company Maruto are now an integral part! Among them, finding the right one for almost any situation, be it flatted or ball eye, possibly barbed or barbless.

The Carasio hook is a long shank, flatted, barbed hook that resembles the Scooby Strong in shape, but is also it has a shade bigger gape and its material is thicker and stronger. Thus, this hook can be an ideal choice for fishing for large crucians and smaller carp.

Its point is extremely durable, thanks to its perfectly polished manufacturing technology, so catching dozens of fish can’t be a problem with the same hook.


It is advisable to choose this type primarily for baiting with live bait or sweet corn.

The Carasio hook is commercially available in sizes that can be used in fine feed or float fishing. Larger sizes are the best choice for summer and smaller ones for really fine, autumn or winter fishing.

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